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The Stratam Group focuses on companies where the business requires coordinating the efforts of highly educated specialists to produce innovations and then bring them to market efficiently, such as life sciences and high tech. Our principal offers include:

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is achieved when an executive team faces its situation honestly, sets aside prejudices and private agendas, and goes to work to produce a strategy that inspires by revealing a new path forward. Our commitment is to produce that alignment. See more>

Strategic Mobilization

Mobilization is the discipline of turning strategy into reality. Commitment of the key players at every level makes the difference between success and failure. Project plans without commitment are carts without horses. We secure the commitment to the initiative, and then make sure the plans and practices are in place to enable success. See more>

Process Excellence

With processes, we look at how people coordinate action to fulfill the purposes of the enterprise. At the heart of our approach is identifying the network of commitments that link individuals, groups, and functions, and focusing and simplifying interactions to produce greater outcomes with less effort. See more>

Leadership Development

We design programs to produce leaders who are able to generate for themselves and others bold visions, collaborative moods, and the commitment to producing exceptional results. Clients completing our programs are distinguished by their willingness to seek new responsibilities, to be held accountable for delivering excellence, and for motivating others to higher levels of achievement. All of which translates into greater results, higher morale, and stronger retention. See more>

Commitment-based Management Training

Either as part of a mobilization effort or as stand-alone introductions, we offer a suite of classes and programs to train professionals, teams, and leaders in the essentials of Commitment-based Management, including effective teamwork and improving cross-functional coordination. These stand-alone classes can serve as an easy introduction to our work. Participants will see valuable new ways of moving from even these short introductions. See more>

“Our company had an area of expense that was increasing at an alarming rate and we struggled to find solutions to deal with it. We engaged Chris Davis and his team to help identify ways to address this issue. Working with our executive and management teams in a collaborative manner, Chris identified problem areas to which we were blind and worked with us to develop our people, processes and tools to address the problems. As a result, expenses in the area under review were reduced by over 80% with annualized savings of $30 million.

A more personally meaningful benefit received from Chris was the coaching he provided to the Executive Management Team. We now have a much more candid, trusting, and respectful environment. These improvements were crucial to our success as we rapidly approach $1 billion in revenue.”

Steve Stevenson
CFO, Nova Corp.

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