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Strategic Mobilization

When to call for Strategic Mobilization:

bulletA critical milestone was just missed, and worse, no one saw the breakdown coming.

bulletSuddenly a powerful, smart and previously supportive senior colleague has started
bulletresisting an important initiative.

bulletAn important initiative is moving along, but every step is heavy slogging. It's like pushing
bulletstones up hill, and the team is likely to burn out before the objective is achieved.

bulletThe wrong people are heading the effort, despite good intentions.

bulletCross-functional team members are retreating into their silos.

What we do

Mobilization is the discipline of turning strategy into reality. Commitment of the key players at every level makes the difference between success and failure. Project plans without commitment are carts without horses. We secure the commitment to the initiative, and then make sure the plans and practices are in place to enable success.

Building commitment requires key players taking on new roles or reinvigorating their old roles. We help them see and shape strategic mobilizations to fit with their professional desire for growth and achievement and for the growth and achievement of colleagues.

bulletWe engage with your executive team to develop the initiatives and programs that will
bulletmake your strategy succeed. And then we work to implement these programs throughout
bulletthe company.

bulletWe define the communication and coordination practices necessary to manage the plans.

bulletWe introduce new standards for clarifying and committing to action.

bulletWe work with the influence leaders, key project teams, and task forces—wherever
bulletattention is needed to produce the desired results.

“Our company wanted assistance launching a new product offering, which required the involvement of marketing, IT, and operations, and similar groups from three partner companies. And we wanted it done on a very tight timeline.

We brought in Chris Davis and his team to assist us in mobilizing the project. They helped us quickly establish the timelines, roles and responsibilities, project office, and management practices, and worked closely with the team to provide the day-to-day discipline and focus to maintain momentum in the face of numerous challenges. The result was that ADP launched a new suite of offerings in record time: 16 weeks after starting the effort."

—Vic Saliterman
Senior VP, Marketing


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