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Strategic Alignment

When to call for Strategic Alignment:

bulletA new or surprising opportunity has suddenly been identified, but to pursue it might mean
bulletmaking wrenching changes.

bulletEveryone has a good idea for how to go after the next challenge or opportunity, but no
bulletcoherent plan is emerging.

bulletThe senior team is breaking up into factions, each supporting a different interpretation of
bulletthe market and a different strategy.

bulletSome members of the senior team say frankly that they fear where the company is going.

bulletSenior team members spend more time qualifying their support than giving it.

What we do

Strategic alignment is achieved when an executive team faces its situation honestly, sets aside prejudices and private agendas, and goes to work to produce a strategy that inspires by revealing a new path forward. Our commitment is to produce that alignment.

Our role is not to invent the team's strategy, but rather to provide an environment in which the company's executives can bring their best to the game, where people's intelligence and ability come together to move the enterprise forward. Our product is a strategy around which the team unifies itself. We coach the group to arrive at a strategic story that faces reality, shows a compelling path forward, and excites passion in those who will execute it.

"The Stratam team played a key role in getting our executive team committed to a new strategy and translating our strategy into action. Their work has touched multiple areas, including improving cross-functional coordination, identifying and resolving problem areas early, improving executive performance, and increasing overall productivity. Our company is significantly better off strategically, financially, and culturally as a result of Stratam’s involvement with us."

Jack Castello

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