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Leadership Development

When to call for Leadership Development:

bulletYour company is growing and current managers need to step up to new levels of

bulletIn growing, new teams of leaders need to emerge from a mix of old and new people, and
bulletcoherent succession planning aligned with your overall strategy needs to be addressed.

bulletThe business is suffering from a lack of accountability and initiative throughout the ranks.

bulletThe company is suffering a retention problem: people don't see any personal opportunity
bulletfor themselves in staying. You're losing valuable talent, 'high potentials,' or experience.

bulletOrganizational, department, or team mood is suffering, affecting results.

What we do

We design programs to produce leaders who are able to generate for themselves and others bold visions, collaborative moods, and the commitment to producing exceptional results. Clients completing our programs are distinguished by their willingness to seek new responsibilities, to be held accountable for delivering excellence, and for motivating others to higher levels of achievement. All of which translates into greater results, higher morale, and stronger retention.

Our clients learn to:

bulletTake powerful stands to change the market.

bulletListen for the critical but unusual idea or unanticipated opportunity.

bulletManage the mood of the business unit and corporation.

bulletManage others by eliciting growth.

bulletCommunicate effectively across constituencies.

bulletShape their organizations for effective action.

“Leadership would be a safe undertaking if your organizations and communities only faced problems for which they already knew the solutions.

But there is a whole host of problems that are not amendable to authoritative expertise or standard operating procedures. Without learning new ways—changing attitudes, values, and behaviors—people cannot make the adaptive leap necessary to thrive in the new environment.”

—Ronald Heifetz &
Marty Linsky
Leadership on
the Line

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