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Embodied Leadership

Leadership is hard because it is paradoxical. Leaders have to be open to new, unexpected opportunities. And leaders have to have the ability to hold on to their directions with commitment. Cognitively, they need creativity and incisiveness. And they also need to bring an embodied presence, a way of carrying themselves where they are confident, courageous and authentic. They need to embody comfortably the paradox of leadership.

To help leaders do that, we include the pioneering work of Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, author of The Anatomy of Change, Holding the Center, and In Search of the Warrior Spirit, whose in-depth studies in psychology, martial arts, and somatics, and drawing on linguistics and philosophy resulted in a methodology that develops leaders who can embody the paradox.

The leaders we work with broaden their own personal range of leadership and learn to work more effectively with others and to build teams, an essential element in organizations that are dynamic, expanding, and building a global presence.

We develop leaders who can stay centered in the face of chaos or uncertainty, who combine openness with resolution, and who can galvanize others to bring their best to the situation at hand. Our program supports leaders in taking bold stands, living their values, challenging the common sense, and opening new horizons for their organizations and their people.

“Together let us commit to the practices that produce leaders and teams of pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, and grounded compassion…"

—Richard Strozzi-
Heckler, PhD
"The Leadership
Dojo: Leadership
as a Path of

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