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Commitment-based Management Training

When to call for Commitment-based Management (CbM) Training:

bulletYou recognize the need for a shared corporate management methodology.

bulletYou see that a team or a cross-functional program is not working well and would like to try
bulletout commitment methods.

bulletYou have heard about or read about our techniques and seen some of our successes and
bulletwant to find out how these techniques would work with teams in your company.

bulletYou have a corporate university and want pragmatic programs or courses where learning
bulletcan be immediately implemented.

What we do

Either as part of a mobilization effort or as stand-alone introductions, we offer a suite of classes and programs to train professionals, teams, and leaders in the essentials of Commitment-based Management, including effective teamwork and improving cross-functional coordination. These stand-alone classes can serve as an easy introduction to our work. Participants will see valuable new ways of moving from even these short introductions.

"Commitment-based management was the foundation of our
productivity and a key part of our success at Discovery."

—Ruth Otte
Former President
The Discovery

"Executives can overcome some of their thorniest problems in the short term and foster productive, reliable workforces for the long term by practicing what we call "promise-based management": cultivating and coordinating commitments in a systematic way."

—Sull and Spinosa
The Essence of

Harvard Business Review

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